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Ended auctions

Auction 5

Ancient and medieval coins, Spanish coins,  world coins and banknotes, lots.

E-Live auction in silicua.com website on May 20th, 04:00pm CET.

Absentee bids deadline: May 20th at 03:00pm CET.

LOTS VIEWING: in Silicua facilities, 11th to 19th May, 10am to 6pm.

Ended on: 20-05-2020

Auction 4

Special selection of Spanish and World coins: ancient and medieval coins, cobs, pillar and silver coins, gold 8 escudos and classical notes, world coins and notes.

E-Live auction in silicua.com website on April 15th, 04:00pm CET.

Absentee bids deadline: April 15th at 03:00pm CET.

LOTS VIEWING: 6th to 8th April and 13th to 14th April, in SILICUA facilities, and 28th March in Avilés Numismatic Convention (Spain).

Ended on: 15-04-2020

Auction 3

E-Live auction in silicua.com website on February 4th, 04:00pm CET.

Absentee bids deadline: February 4h at 03:00pm CET.


Ended on: 04-02-2020

Auction 2

E-Live auction in silicua.com website on December 4th, 04:00pm CET, 1.000 lots.

Absentee bids deadline: December 4h at 03:00pm CET.


Ended on: 04-12-2019

Auction 1

E-Live auction in silicua.com website on October, 3rd, 05:00pm CET, 585 lots.

Absentee bids deadline: October 3rd at 04:00pm CET.

Lot viewing in Silicua facilities from September 1, to October 2 (Mondays to Fridays) and in Gran Hotel Lugo (Numismatic Fair) September 27 and 28.


Ended on: 03-10-2019